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Fringe 1×04 The Arrival- Is The Pattern All About Aliens? October 1, 2008

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So four episodes into Fringe and we see a key actor in the Pattern – the bald headed jalepno eating man – (not to be confused with X-Files smoking man).  The bald man saved both Dr. Baldwin and his son as well as bee the “observer” the watches for the arrival of the cylindar and other pattern related objects.

The dude was writing in an alien language clearly and likely isn’t of the Earth.

So…back to X-Files ..  a neat show about paranormal events that all eventually led to alien DNA – will Fringe degenerate into the same nonsense?

Don’t get me wrong – so far this is a great show – i just hope that the answer to what is the pattern? isn’t just a – oh it’s aliens – answer.



1. Justcrashed - October 2, 2008

Is The Pattern All About Aliens?
I HOPE SO!! NEED so bad a new x-files out there 😀

Anyway I didn’t see the 1×04 episode yet….
already in download! 😉

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