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Star Wars The Clone Wars S01E08 Jedi Jar Jar November 23, 2008

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There was some early speculation on other sites – that this episode might mark the end of Jar Jar.


Instead we get the bumbling Gungan somehow again managing to be the hero – this time by being mistaken as a Jedi.

It’s actually a pretty neat trick and overall fun little episode – i’m surprised thought that we didn’t see the most famous of all Rodian’s though – that is WHERE WAS GREEDO?? (or did we miss that?).

The capture of Viceroy Gunray – was we know is only temporary – so at some point he’ll get busted loose. Gunray of course was on Mustafar when Anakin/Darth Vader was sent there by Palpatine in Star Wars III to kill off the seperatists after Order 66 was issued.



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