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Star Wars Clone Wars S01E13 – Jedi Crash January 18, 2009

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This was an ok episode – The big thing is the first speaking role for Aayla Secura ever in a live action Star Wars show/movie.

Aayla Secura was first made famous in Dark Horse Comics as the padawan of Quinlan Vos – (btw HOPE we see Master Vos in this series)!

Everyone apparently needs an accent in this show – so Secura had a – what was that a French accent?

Anyways great to see her finally have a voice.

As for the episode itself – harmless enough and basic enough. The Jedi crash land on a planet and need help. Nothing too exciting but a nice coming out party for Secura.



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[…] yes master secura is one sweeet french accented kick ass […]

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