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Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 5 & 6: The best two episodes of Dollhouse EVER Summer Glau rocks! December 5, 2009

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Dollhouse is Back (well until it gets cancelled) – and its back with a BANG!!

So Rossum Corp turned one of its dollhouses against the other in a plot to ensure that the dollhouse itself is never exposed.


Topher and Topher as a doll – FUNNY

Summer Glau as the D.C version of Topher – ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT..Summer was awesome.

The complexity of plot in this two episode set was astounding with layer within layer and multiple sub-plot texts underneath. We know have seen our second dollhouse, we’ve now seen that Topher is really nuts..and we know more about Echo/Caroline than we’ve ever known before.

So where does Dollhouse go from here?

Well at some point Ballard will bring the Dollhouse down. At some point Caroline will help him and somewhere along the way Doc Sanders/Whisky and Alpha will return



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